Chihuahua Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Chihuahua Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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Chihuahua Dog Hawaiian Shirt

Jackson said: “They seen she was surrounded by this guy’s dogs… When they called her she ran and two of my sons jumped over this fence to get from the dogs, and the dogs came around and mauled one of them.”

Jackson said: “Shamar, he jumped on the fence, but he fell backwards, and he was just kicking the gate.

“One of the dogs came down here and ran to that side and just dragged him back. And ripped all of his clothes off of his body. You know, mauled him.”

The father told WMBF: “All I want is for them to get them dogs because it seems like an ongoing thing.”

The property the dogs came from did not have any warning signs, Jackson said.

“You got holes all in the fences then you try to patch them up… If you know the dog bite, you got children out here, keep the dogs up. Or if you can’t keep them up, get rid of them,” he said.

Anthony Parsley, the boy’s uncle, told CBS affiliate WBTW: “I’m hurt. I want to cry but I can’t cry anymore… That’s my little fella there.”

Parsley said the owners had not given their condolences to the family or apologized.

Neighbor Rafeaiel Sheppard said he has been in the area of around 30 years, and people had complained about the dogs for around 10 years.

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Chihuahua Dog Hawaiian Shirt
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