Just pour me Coffee hand me my books and slowly back away shirt, hoodie, tank top

Just pour me Coffee hand me my books and slowly back away hoodie

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Let’s not forget the environmental services people that work in hospitals and nursing homes cleaning and keeping things disinfected for the residents and patients! We too have never stopped working and have exposed ourselves every single day for a lot less $$ than nurses or doctors. Not taking away from our wonderful nurses either! I really enjoyed seeing Trump try to correct the nurse when she accurately states that they did not have enough PPE! Unbelievable. Trump continues to focus on his re-election, divides the country and is an epic failure. Trump did nothing while this virus spread across the nation, said the virus was a hoax, that it would disappear. 72K Americans dead! Trump should personally call the families of all those who died needlessly due to a virus that he did nothing to stop. Trump has no empathy, is soulless. Well here are but a few of the victims, they were loved and respected unlike the worst President ever. we all know this is true however, this day is special for nurses. If they want to earn the same as doctors and nurse,they too can make the sacrifice of working hard and become a doctor or a nurse. Why are we running trillion-dollar deficits every year of the economy so good? We shouldn’t be run Philly another deficits of the economy so good??? The reason why we’re running trillion-dollar deficits every years because Trump and all his billionaire friends got together and decided to write themselves a giant tax break! That tax break did nothing for the middle class! Incomes for the middle class under Trump has went nowhere! Plus he’s trying to cut benefits for poor people! He’s trying to cut benefits for poor people to pay for all the tax breaks for all his billionaire crook friends! Debbie McGiffin, housekeeping, environmental services, CNA’s, are all important workers and we nurses certainly appreciate all their contributions. There are other weeks devoted to public appreciation for them; appreciation expressed for nurses does not diminish the other departments of health care.

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