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Utopian idea, yes I’ve always supported this idea. Unfortunately it’s never going to be achieved because humans are programmed by nature in such a way that always me comes first than we. So once we start to believe in term ‘we’ then only we’ll be taking about socialism. Else ‘me’ism is a good idea. So let’s just pray for success of vaccine development process for corona. it’s pointless why these ideological fantasy pops in my windows. Oh ! I forgot its me using computer. they have been forbidden from working themselves, by definition. Please explain how life without production is possible. Also, socialism is not about workers, it’s about state control of the economy. The strongest argument for socialism is that it sounds good. The strongest argument against socialism is that it doesn’t work. But those who live by words will always have a soft spot in their hearts for socialism because it sounds so good. Sowell is the man, but socialism has never even sounded good to me, especially on a national scale. The fact is the implementation of socialism on a grand scale requires a totalitarian, individual crushing system of control, which has been true in every experiment carried out with it in the 20th century. There’s no way around that fact. Agreed. It ‘sounds’ good…everyone working together for common good, everyone being equal, etc. But, it ignores human nature. People don’t put in extra long hours, risk money on new ventures, or work hard for public good. They do it to better their own situations…a better house, life, income, being able to afford nicer things. It ignores the fact that many people would rather work the system than work at a job…those who think it’s smart to scam others or the gov’t to get more than their ‘share’. Soon the workers start wondering why they’re working so hard if they don’t have to. Saw a lot of that back in my union days. People making lots of money, but did the bare minimum so they wouldn’t ‘kill’ the job. Promotions were based on seniority, not merit…so why work hard? Raises were mandated by contract…the pay was the same whether you worked hard or not. And, if you were a hard worker just out of personal ethics, you were quickly brought into line by your ‘brothers and sisters’.

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