Coughy Filter Starbucks face mask

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Nice! I made a much stronger version of this in a smaller glass, instead of blending the ice cream I just sat it on top as a float. I also pre froze some coffee and milk in an ice cube tray and use those with kahlua, baileys and creme de cacao white and some hersheys chocolate sauce. Absolutely amazing

  • In Puerto Rico the legal age of drinking and buying liquor is 18 since it’s part of the United States but you’re right out here in the United States it has to be 21 or older for everything.
  • I’m from Bonny Scotland and here, we can drink at 18 legally, we are not allowed to drink in the street apart from one day in the year, Hogmanay.  It looks delicious. I love strawberries and coconut. In my state you can drink at 16 as long as your parents buy the alcohol and you drink it inside your home. At 18 you can drink legally on the streets but your parents have to buy it. At 21 you can buy alcohol for personal use. But we also have drive thru daiquiri shops and fried chicken at gas stations so yeah.
  •  I invited a Taco Bell Skittles slushy infused drink last night that was, half Taco Bell Skittles slushy strawberry, strawberry orange Sunny d, mango Malibu rum, blue ciroc infused with blue jolly ranchers, with some lime juice and fresh lime and jolly rancher at the bottum.

Here you can drink at 18 but your parents have to buy it and you have to be in their house ( backyard included in that ).  If u ever get bottles that are empty and clean u think coins can fit in I collect coin banks so don’t hesitate to ship me a few if u like I know that’s expensive but sign them too my boyfriend son Blake loves you

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Coughy Filter Starbucks face mask

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