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Congrats! It’s so very hard to look at everything and decide for ourselves but it’s such an amazing world to live in as a free thinker! Welcome! Thank you for sharing your amazing story. It truly is a painful evolution when you lose all your preconceived notions and friends in the process. I am sorry it was so rough for you. I pray you can stick to your beliefs and maybe you will show your friends that it isn’t so bad. Hugs and welcome. I wish my beautiful daughter would wake up too! You give me hope! She has cut me outta her life because of this exact stuff you describe!

Welcome Amanda! Embrace your awakening. We have your back. Just think how far you have come in your journey. It’s not easy to see the truth when the MM lies all the time as well as college campuses indoctrinating their captive audience. I had it easier in college when there was diversity of thought and most of my professors presented both sides. A source of truth who makes me smarter every day is Doctor Victor Hanson and Doctor Jordan Peterson. I also like Praeger University. I hope more people stumble upon the post that led you down that rabbit hole of truth! You are a smart, well-spoken young woman; continue growing in your knowledge and journey.

Amanda for such an inspiring testimony. Thank you for exhibiting the courage to dig for truth, and feel all the emotions that you feel when your world is turned upside down. Thank you for standing and encouraging others who struggle with the chaos and lies manipulating us. God bless you!

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