Dad I’m glad I wasn’t just a wank Happy father’s day mug

Dad I'm glad I wasn't just a wank Happy father's day mug

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I will vote in person hopefully CT city hall’s have enough people to work in those polls since now they don’t allow people inside but in long huge line outside the building ( it was a long line when I was there to pay car tax ) I wish they won’t cause the problem to people want to vote in person. I deposited $200 into my bitcoin wallet wallet by myself and allowed Mrs Elisabeth trade for me and I got my first of $3000 pesos I can now understand why they’re so many recommendations about him and I’m also recommending her services to you reading this If we are not afforded this right to vote in person, the election should be postponed until COVID is gone, otherwise wear masks and stand 6 feet apart in line, kind of what happens already at Costco. yeah, because we all know everyone shops at the few Costcos on the exact same day. Really long lines. And then when they begin shutting diwn the Costcos so you only have 1 (shopper suppression) for 30000 people to shop at all on the same day, it works out really well. We all love standing in line for 6 hours in the November cold to shop. Great plan! Desperate man-Mail -in voting doesn’t cause working people to lose income by taking time off to vote— Mail in voting doesn’t force elderly people concerned about Social Security to have to undergo the pain and trauma of a road trip followed by standing for hours in line.—– Mail-in voting doesn’t give Republican “ballot challengers” the ability to know a person’s race before they try to convince election officials to move a ballot into the provisional box because of “problems.” The strongest tool Americans have to prevent Republican attempts at voter suppression is mail-in voting. There is only one reason Donald Trump and his Republican co-conspirators object to mail-in voting: it blows up their most effective and successful voter suppression schemes.—–REMEMBER — IT is the people who elect the president they want—– so quit your crying — you will be looked after in jail.

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