Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask

Daddy's girl I used to be his angel now he's mine face mask 0

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No freedom of speech when it’s a private company with rules that govern speech. You can’t go into work and just bad mouth your boss and depend on the constitution to provide you protections. Not too smart are ya? Wallace Stuman It would be nice if it worked like that, but all of these comments are correct. Had the net neutrality bill passed this would have been something a little closer into their jurisdiction, but I’m sure many people signed petitions preventing this, to make it to where the government has no say so over how the internet or private companies conduct themselves. Therefore, your Constitutional Rights become nullified. Everything you say and do is scrutinized under a microscope, and is up to the particular parties on what is right and wrong. I can flag this comment and if Facebook monitors were to find my claims that your comment was abusive and bullying then you would have your account rendered frozen for like a week to a month on a first infraction just depending on how they deem necessary really. We enjoy social media, but it’s more policed than the streets we walk on. John Rigazio Take your proverbial head out of the proverbial sand. Conservatives are being blacklisted and removed from these social communication outlets. Woods’ voice is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted atmosphere. John Terry as much as I agree about you making websites classified as public forum, the first amendment only works against government. I can say whatever I like to say, including lies, about government. I am protected by 1st amendment. But, against any other entities, I cannot do it because that is not covered under 1st amendment. Wallace Stuman only conservatives are banned. Liberals can spread all the hate and lies they want. Double standard, and assault on free speech.

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