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We were talking about Deadpool while you were here. It’s a scaled down version with a Princess Bride spin! Right up your alley! A Deadpool fairy tale that gives Zero F’s about ripping people off. This is basically Deadpool 2, with a few bits chopped out and some additional narrative added in periodically. Total waste of an evening as we already saw Deadpool 2 earlier in the year. Lots of people walked out. I feel this was advertised in a very misleading way. Not impressed guys.

  • To all those people who said Deadpool doesn’t work as a PG-13 movie…here you go. (And yes, I liked the hard R movies as well. But Deadpool is funny whether he’s R or PG, so I’d argue that the more stuff he’s in, the better)
  • I am on the morning show in Drumheller, Alberta which is just 30 minutes from. I love how Deadpool comes to the defense of as we are very proud to have them come from our area. I would love to do a quick interview with Ryan Reynolds about the trailer. Thanks and great job defending Nickelback.
  • I know people are worried, and I definitely agree that Deadpool should be R. However, having a Deadpool that is specifically recut and reframed and self referenced as being sensored could be really good for the franchise. I like that this is not simply a “TV edit”, but actually has it’s own unique additions.

Listen, I love the R-rated Deadpool, just like the comics, but having kids, I know that kids LOVE Deadpool and they don’t even really know what he’s all about. Some kids from their school went to the R-movie (bad parenting) but they rrrrrreally wanna see him too so this is basically for them because they’re gonna see the R-version if this isn’t out. There will always be the R-rated version for the rest of us… don’t sweat it. Just be glad there’s enough interest in Deadpool to keep making these films.

This is what happens when Disney gets a hold of something… this is the biggest crock!!!! I was so angry as soon as the story broke that Fox decided to sell to Disney because I knew that Disney was going to RUIN Deadpool and sure enough they come up with this BS…. At least we got two good Deadpool movies before Disney got a hold of it…..

Deadpool Nope Not Today face mask

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