Autism Is Not A Disability It’s A Different Ability Dabbing Skeleton face mask

Autism Is Not A Disability It's A Different Ability Dabbing Skeleton face mask 3

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I dont think so I think most christians are afraid of losing their religious freedom. The Democrats want to even take God out of the swearing in procedure. They didnt want God in the 2016 Democratic convention. I think Im more afraid of losing our religious freedom with Dems in office. Sad but true. Just wanted to be a voice to remind you Mr. President, we the people are with you!!!! We see every bullet you take and how you continue to rise above it and keep pushing! We don’t know how you continue to fight the seemingly impossible fight that you battle day after day, but please know, THERE ARE SO MANY AMERICANS THAT LOVE, RESPECT, AND HONOR YOU AS OUR LEADER! We see through all the complete BS in the media and on social platforms, and we will be casting our votes again for you in November! He pushes a conservative agenda, hundreds of federal judges and two Supreme Court Justice appointments, he supports the second amendment and he is not hostile to the working class. The modern liberal mocks him and talks down to him and even openly abuses him, but its not him they are attacking, it’s us and our way of life and our culture which nobody respects or even considers, at all. EXAMPLE: If conservatives even speak up about love of country, we are immediately labeled white supremists or at least that’s how it feels. its interesting to hear that perspective, I respect it. It sounds exactly like the other side of the coin that a person of a different race and ethnicity would say about their way of life. Thank you for your response.

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