It’s Okay To Be Different Autism Awareness face mask

It's Okay To Be Different Autism Awareness face mask

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Here’s the thing: people are trusting that things are safe because they were closed before and are now open. Not everyone has access to good information or the skills to evaluate information for accuracy. Not everyone is aware of what they need to do.
We need real leadership, and real relief for ordinary people. Without it, we are collapsing. This is what happens when leaders are more worried about money than lives. They held info to a minimum for months. Not allowing a immunologist who has a clue about viruses, to tell the truth and tell us what to do, early on. There are still members of Congress asking the coronavirus task Force be dismantled. Really great leadership. They don’t care about the numbers of us that die. They only care about the economy. Funny thing is with numbers getting higher and they’re killing off their worker bees. Idiots. it’s exactly the same here in the UK. Weak lying leader and it’s barely under control. 176 deaths yesterday was deemed “a success” pandemic? What pandemic? It’s business as usual in England. Please everyone stay safe and vigilant. It’s a very sad thing but we can all learn a lesson from this that one mistake could put our love ones and ourselves at risk. i find myself having to say this to more and more people. i say it without judgment or or the smallest amount of finger pointing. i say it with only the thought of each of us waking up another day. it doesn’t matter what anyone tries to convince you of because, right now, these are the only words you need to remember: no cure. no treatment.

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