Disneyland Splash Mountain poster

Disneyland Splash Mountain poster

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I so agree! True genuine caring and acceptance is what is needed! Thats sad. I only see right now that people will di anything to get money, as being paid to create all this chaos. I was offered money ti change my vote. Nothibg will ever change my opinions. then act like it and stop destroying other black lives, and burning down businesses that also belong to black business owners, stop tearing down history because you vain being offended, learn from it and don’t repeat it. Your race is being used by leftist right now to make something that isn’t imperfect seem far far worse than it is. Before you know it America is going to be gone replaced by a Marist country where there will be no hope, no peace, no love, no families, no freedom, no friends… We are not the racist country people are promoting in the media. We should be humanKIND and black and white and brown.
Not throwing money at someone and then puffing up and thinking you have done something! And posting what a great thing you have done. What is truly needed comes from the heart and can’t be bought. The moment you associate color, religion, political affiliation or race with an all inclusive environment, you lose.
All inclusive and freedom does not pertain to one select group of people. As a publicly traded company, they…..listen closely…they, shouldn’t pander to a sole cause or race. Mark Zuckerberg is a founder and CEO, his choices are made by a group. He is the poster boy. You calling it racism, is part of the problem. Facebook and others pandering to a specific cause is the other part of the problem. The moment we eliminate the boundaries and stop thinking of things in racial terms, we begin solving those issues. Until then we have you and people like you making it racist when it really isn’t. Think of racism as, I don’t like you because you are a certain color. Pandering is the same as trying to buy your child’s love.

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