Donald Trump This is Bullst Face Mask

Donald Trump This is Bullst Face Mask4

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Gotta beat the CCP! The CCP virus is the biggest virus on this planet. So many people have no clue. They’re our biggest threat and they’ve been the root behind the divide and conquer campaign from the left. They’ve infiltrated the media, the universities, the left gov party, and many other countries. Trump has been warning us all along and he was right. He still is. Best and hardest working president we’ve ever had!!!! Trump2020! It was the American medical practice that caused the spread of coronavirus. Drs and hospitals have been treating symptoms and not testing for the cause, coronavirus is only one of many diseases. Lyme disease is another that is another pandemic that isn’t being treated because the lack of proper diagnose. I do believe this virus was created in China as their intention for its use is anybody’s guess. But I hope Americans have opened their eyes to see just how easily we can be destroyed from within. I hope we turn this whole disaster into something wonderful by learning how to unite and depend on each other to survive anything we have to face. Blaming China for not warning you and ignoring CDC for warning you. you are a complete Joke. You are priority is election which is money and økonomi and at the same time you need someone to blame. China and WHO is the only easy target. the worst is that your poor judgment affects evrybody. I can not imagine anyone else who would of done a better job of leading our free world. It’s been a long time sense the American people have had a president who really loves our country. You are so right. It was created in a lab. The lab workers disappeared and this was all done on purpose. Stay strong and don’t let the liberals affect your leadership.

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