Don’t be a maskhole face mask

Don't be a maskhole face mask

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Wearing a mask is definitely patriotic. Few things are more patriotic than making sacrifices to potentially save the life of a fellow countryman. It’s a pretty cheap trade, to boot. All we’re being asked to sacrifice is a negligible amount of personal comfort and in return our chances of accidentally transmitting the disease to someone vulnerable (should one of us get it and not know it) falls to almost nothing. This is literally the easiest it’s ever been in history to potentially save the life of another and some of y’all are still too selfish to do it which is, to quote Trump, “SAD!”. All of the adults that say they refuse to wear a mask…. children… yes children are compliant and wearing them… and the schools where they are going all students are wearing them ! All essential workers are wearing them! So you and your rights are more important than children and essential workers?? Grow up! We know you wear a mask when needed…..you are the President. You are very much protected. Us with common sense realize that. Everyone should wear a mask when near others until this passes. Thank you for all you do!! NY Tough! PPE experts have never been consulted. The sheer ignorance of saying this is patriotic is astounding. Meanwhile, people are being sickened by wearing masks all day and not by a deadly virus in the air. Why has OSHA violated their own regulations? Pandering to the politics of fear and intimidation will lead us the wrong way. The answer is bringing back our tried and true legislative and deliberative processes. I support you as president but I think the mask is not patriotic. It is the left taking over and making everyone do what they say. We need you to stand up against for all of us.

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