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Don't dream it Be IT Rocky Horror shirt

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Linda Gabrielli: and his excuse for not representing our nation at McCain’s and Cumming’s funerals? Oh yeh, he’s a retaliatory little man whose grudges prevent him from doing the “right” thing. Bush and Lewis did not get along well, yet Bush was there and was beautifully eloquent about our national civil rights icon, John Lewis. Quit making excuses for the petty Buffoon. It’s unbecoming of any adult. Especially if you believe in Christian values (which do not include petty retaliation or any retaliation, actually}) like you claim on your timeline. Your president retaliated. He should have been there. Period. (Actually I believe he wasn’t invited, but I may be wrong.) Trump didn’t get invited because Trump doesn’t have an ounce of empathy or sympathy for anyone ..sure he would’ve manage to only talk about himself anyways….seeing as he only cares about himself…this funeral wasn’t the only one he wasn’t invited to…why?…because he has NO clue nor class how to act …he’s a lying, disrespecting, name calling bully..who doesn’t deserve to be at ANYONE’S funeral…period. of your racism is a LOT to deal with. I barely got through your posts as I was attempting to identify exactly what language you are using. It sure as hell isn’t English. But to answer your question, both President Obama and his wife had best selling books published. In fact President Obama had TWO best selling books at the time he was President. That provides sufficient answer to your question. Mine is now, why is the US government forced to pay for secret service to stay exclusively on Trump owned properties while he is out on his golfing expeditions and vacations to Mar a Lago? He is literally lining his pockets with funds in part due to his current position.

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