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Melanie claimed Trump cares about American families when in fact he has cut unemployment to millions by signing the Executive Order & many are feeling it right now! Whatsmore, he did it to save his never-been-great-economy & employment numbers. Seems her villain of a husband is determined to throw the U.S. into it’s 2nd Great Depression as long as it doesn’t affect his loved ones! The Frist lady was so inspiring a true leader, understand Woman and just beautiful role model not only for women to look upto but the world . She touched on Many important topics that are not unusual addressed and talked so openly about. I want to say I am impressed by the RNC and there love of United states of America. Mike Pence your one on one with the people of America was amazing thank you. It was one of the most moving experiences of the last few Months. Thank you and May god bless your family’s and God bless the United states of America. Apparently American government thinking. I wasn’t the one that issued the visa. Look it up yourself. She wanted to escape a shithole and Donald Trump was just the monied limpdick to do it for her.We all want more. Should we all hook up with disgusting “billionaires” to get to move here? Should we all find inventive ways to get granted visas for highly educated immigrants?
Have you seen the way she looks at him? She hasn’t been ridden properly in decades.

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