Dunkin’ Donuts Jason Voorhees – Michael Myers shirt, tank top, hoodie

Dunkin’ Donuts Jason Voorhees - Michael Myers v-neck

Buy it now: Dunkin’ Donuts Jason Voorhees – Michael Myers shirt, tank top, hoodie

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Was tempted to buy the shirt…. but a second look at it shows they use dodgy underhand sales techniques. Only 11 left yesterday and an hour to buy them. Today 16 left and two hours time limit to buy them. They can shove their merchandise where the sun doesn’t shine doing stuff like that It’s not just unemployment, guys! So much isolation. Elders where I work can’t see their kids & grandkids, they aren’t allowed in. Can’t get hugs from staff. Can’t socialize & play games together. Not suicide, but many are extremely depressed. No deaths from COVID, haven’t had ANY cases. But we have had people decline quickly from depression and pass away. This the reason why we were all saying to open up the economy weeks ago or at least have a meaningful discussions. Instead, the excuse was, stay home or people will die. Of course, we’re at home and people are still dying. Politicians have no meaningful solution to anything and will not listen to us. The number of suicide attempts is an indication of overall mental health. The tip of the iceberg if you like.
We not only need to consider the advice of epidemiologist but also psychologists and economists. We need a robust population to maintain a robust economy to fight the disease in the long term. Simply put, with a few exceptions, people aren’t good at isolation. God wove into our fabric that we must have human interaction for our bodies (ie – fleshly machines) to operate at optimum efficiency. Lacking that interaction along with ability to pay bills and feed loved ones bring despair and loss of hope that is difficult to overcome.

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