Dwight Schrute Looking Through A Window face mask

Dwight Schrute Looking Through A Window face mask

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How many folks watched this video and came away from it with the impression that they needed to see a counterpoint? I’d imagine that it came down to what the viewer already believed. How does leaving the video up benefit the folks that won’t see another viewpoint? this level of censorship is truly disturbing. if its “Fake” then let people hash out the ideas themselves and set the record straight. Who is the one deciding what is true and what isnt? Perhaps social media is morphing into socialist media… Or collectivist media. Agree with the herd or be silenced. Safe spaces maintained for all orthodox opinions. Others please shut up. What these docs are saying is exactly what’s happening at the hospital where I work. Hospital is empty, waiting for a surge that will never come. Now we’re sent home because no work. Businesses bring us food because they think we’re bursting at the seams with plague victims. I tell them it’s all a lie. I watched this yesterday and found what they said to be quite compelling. I share the video only to find out it has been removed. That is not only wrong, it is very disturbing! William I. Fahey i have the downloaded full video i ripped from a different website on my news feed, you can share the full video from there or download it from the comment here. (Assuming it fully uploads in the comment section.). “We develop immunity to these errors” oh no… no we do not. As usual FEE chooses to ignore basic concepts like cognitive dissonance and rabid fanatics that are looking for confirmation bias. The only solution is for these to be smashed out of private platforms that wish to be even remotely fact and logic based or be overrun by those who would rather flood the world with their strongly held feelings based on flawed presuppositions.

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