Easily distracted by music and wine poster

Easily distracted by music and wine poster 1

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Jamie Menge who are you to complain against the lord’s anointed ? What have you done to show your respect to God, talking down to the To President the man he choose to hold the highest office in the land? . You do think God already knows every word that will come from President Trump’s mouth yet he called him ? Consider this, God called David a man after his own heart , long before david sinned against him, david committed, adultery, he lied and plotted and kill Uriah Bathsheba ‘s husband because he got her pregnant , along with a lot of his fighting men he even got Bathsheba ‘ grand father his chief counsellor involved, you must read the story of king david a Man after Gods own heart. Moses was a murderer , Rahab was a prostitute , the prophet Isaiah when saw the angel of the lord , he said , I’m toast ! I’m a man of unclean lips! Do you think he engaged in locker room talk? Ah Saul! named Paul was persecuting the Christians, he encountered the risen Christ , and he was transformed he singled handed Christianised the whole of Europe and wrote most of the New Testament in prison . And his 12 disciples they were unschooled yet they changed the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, God used ever one of those imperfect people. If you think you are good you just lied , the Bible is very clear , no one is good not one . It’s God who qualifies , not man . I think the president is in good company don’t you think ? if it were done during last 4 presidency’s then yes, you’d be right. Fortunately, we don’t have a corrupt administration with Trump. Hence why the established (dems and Republicans) have attacked him since day 1.

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