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I’m not even mad at the airlines I’m mad at all the people who faked exemptions to the point that they had to change their policy. It’s a this is why we can’t have nice things situation. Same way I felt when embarrassed at the bank decades ago…not allowed to DEPOSIT a joint tax refund check into our joint savings account. Nope! Too many couples were having issues with one knowing the money had come and one not knowing. And I had his POA on file!

  • So, as alway:Dishonest people make it impossible for honest ones to function easily, if at all. I cannot fault the airline totally. People can be absolutely selfish shit. I honestly think the wearing is a ruse, to make us all feel we can do something…which for many, feels better than helplessness.
  •  I am so sorry for this. Hopefully, there will soon be a vaccine for this and your precious son will be able to resume his love of flying. I am concerned about how you got home. Hope it happened quickly.
  • We are out also. I feel if they have a medical letter then produce it! We produced ours to our son’s school and they have been nothing but fabulous and accommodating to welcoming back their high needs EC students. I’m SO thankful!

My son’s physical therapist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist are all helping to teach my son to tolerate the mask. So far, the longest we’ve gotten him to wear it was 8 minutes. It’s going to be quite the process but hopefully eventually he will keep it on.

 Once again, people have demonstrated the depths of their selfishness. They took advantage of what they considered a “loophole” for their own comfort, and now people who have a genuine need for the original accommodation are held hostage by the ensuing consequences. For shame!

With recirculated air I think masks are critical for everyone’s health. We need to think of the other passengers and airline employees. That said, it would be nice if they could administer a rapid test on site for those who are truly medically exempt like Amos. And shame on all of the people who have used a medical exemption and didn’t need it…and that is why we can’t have nice things.

Ed Gein In Your Face shirt, tank top, hoodie

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