Supernatural 2005-2020 15 seasons 327 episodes signatures poster

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I have to admit, I started streaming all episodes a few months ago. Never kept up 15 years ago. My heart has grasped onto this series in a way I never expected. The writing and character development is so heartfelt. I am glad I’ve caught onto the Supernatural phase, even if it took awhile. Congrats and we’ll done to all the actors, creators, and writers.

  • We can do this. For 15 seasons these wonderful actors have gave us everything, I can wait for the end. It will hurt and I will shed many tears but it will be worth it. Beside everyone knows October is the best month.
  • We are going to be so sad to say goodbye to Supernatural. You picked a good year to end the series guys, a true apocalyptic year for America! We need Sam and Dean to save us! I’m not ready for Supernatural’s END…
    Jensen & Jared’s another Movies or TV Show’s New characters will be Super awesome & Amazing & Greatest ever.
  • I will be so sad when it ends. I hope there will be, at least, a great blu ray box with all seasons and hours and hours of bonus features like interviews, making ofs and ALL the bloopers. All the good stuff, so I will always be able to go back to the great times of Supernatural

I’ve been with Supernatural since season 2. I was petitioning when you guys first announced it was over. These boys are a part of everything, references everywhere, in all series, EVERYONE pays their homage to you, Supernatural. Thank you for being a big part of my world. I will miss you like crazy and I’m sad as f**k but I am grateful.

Since anything is possible – I’m truly hoping they bring Crowley back for a swan song, I miss him so much! Maybe some visit from Ash, Ellen, Kevin, and a few more beloved characters they have lost over the years in one heartbreaking episode – Yes, I’m a ridiculously sentimental at heart! LOL

Supernatural 2005-2020 15 seasons 327 episodes signatures poster

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