And she lived happily ever after Flight Attendant face mask

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Interesting, but how many MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars did this cost the tax payers, and for what, everyone knows that that we can’t go there, or live there, in my mind a whole waste..

  • Would be great though if we were supplied with live videos of the take offs, landlngs on mars and the journey on the surface etc, rather than a few photos. Would put an end to all the conspiracy.
  • Astounding in many ways; although the names given to locations, and the culture behind them, lack the wider perspective deserved. Wonderful work by the JPL in SoCal. They do amazing things in at their test site. So glad to have been the supplier for transporting the rovers to their test site.
  • The pictures make you feel its remarkably habitable. But despite extracting oxygen from CO2… in reality, the temperatures won’t allow mining or indwelling (so easily). But I think Mars has a huge network of underground rivers like in the film; Journey to the centre of the Earth.

What happened to the red overtone? The skies are blue too, looks more welcoming overall. Is this because the Mars ban by aliens is over? Hehe. Awesome and inspiring achievement. Shame about the CT sceptics trying to spoil the fun.

I can see why us Humans want to investigate other planets, but looking at the photos that have been sent back not only from Mars the Moon and many more it would appear none are habitable for sustaining human life. Minerals maybe there that we require but getting them would out weigh the cost and worth, talk of reclaiming these barren planets and making them habitable is hundreds if not thousands of years away

Why not try and make the deserts here on Earth more habitable introduce water and plants trees surely a better proposition it’s right here no traveling millions of miles and the cost also saved. Yes by all means look into our Universe it’s our in built curiosity to do so, but remember you need a base camp to come back to.

And she lived happily ever after Flight Attendant face mask

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