On friday we wear Red – Remember Everyone Deployed face mask

On friday we wear Red - Remember Everyone Deploved face mask

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I was referring to the fact that most turtles cannot breathe on their backs very easily. I don’t know if sea turtles are that way, but we watch little turtles closely to make sure they don’t fall onto their backs and can’t get up. sea turtles actually need air to breathe and she was on the land to lay her eggs. They are saying that he should have gotten her help because of her injury. A shell injury is a very very bad injury for a turtle. The sea water can affect the injury and go inside of the turtles actual body. Which can kill it. Obviously saying this won’t help the turtle as it’s already in the ocean. not all turtles stop breathing but some have restricted breathing but most and Almost all turtles can hold their breath for a very long time. The main reason that they don’t want them on their back is for predators. They’re belly side is soft and they are way more vulnerable when they are on their back so it is good to move them as soon as you can and it’s also just stresses the poor thing out so it is very good to to help but they also can do it on their own if the worst comes to worst and no one is around to help. I’ve never seen a turtle upturned this far off the sore line….So please explain! Turtles are very vulnerable when out of water and any twat can over turn them…especially idiots who want to make a “look at me I’m a hero” video! Your version makes no scene! Here in Spain it’s illegal to reintroduce a marine animal to the ocean by yourself, it’s a sure death for the animal. You must call emergencies and a team of vets will come to rescue the animal. Otherwise you will be heavily fined. wrong, the turtle went far in into the dry sand to lay eggs. read and watch again. they dont lay eggs in the wet sand. and yes they do struggle after laying so many eggs, back to the sea. and this one fell over, and they cant turn around without help. this man saved this turtle.

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