Everything will kill you so choose something fun Racing poster

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It breaks my heart to watch…but the kitty seems happy and full of energy..cute and sweet!..thanks for loving her just the way she is …and giving her a chance to have a loving home. Amazing Duck is beautiful and made me smile tonight .
Thank you for having such a gigantic heart . Your love of animals is wonderful . God bless you and your sister for. saving one of God’s own .

  • What an amazing kitten and her daddy is pretty amazing too. Great story. Thank you for sharing it with the world. We can all use a beautiful story with a happy ending.
  • I love her so much. She is such a fighter and a reminder that no matter what your disabilities are, you can do anything. You are such a beautiful soul for adopting Duct…she is simply precious and a beautiful addition to your family. God Blessed us with animals they are little Angels that we are to take care of, be kind and love and be their advocate for their voices
  • What a beautiful kitten Duck is,you have done wonders with her.She is so happy.I just love the photo of duck with all your dogs,just gorgeous. How amazing you are for taking her in. And I would have fallen in love with her just like you

Such a Beautifill Kitten clever that she can balance on her back legs would be nice if she did have little legs and paws on the front for her though Bless Her. She breaks my heart but, makes me so happy at the same time cause she’s so happy and so loved-by her people and her dogs. I just love Duck.So Happy and So much energy. ALL Men should be like you. Caring, Selfless and have a Heart of Gold.

She is so cute and moved around like a normal kitten. She doesn’t know any difference that she doesn’t have her front legs are not there. Thank you for sharing this  on Facebook. I had a cat named Duck. Thank you for giving the baby a good home he is so happy he’s so cute then you are a wonderful person for taking care of him as good as you do and your babies other babies thank you

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Racing poster

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