Ew, COVID Face Mask

Ew, COVID Face Mask

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I think YOU need YOUR HEAD EXAMINED if you think Dementia Joe is fit to run ANYTHING let alone the most powerful country in the world. that physician who gave him a clean bill of health should have his license taken away! Maybe physically he is ok but mentally is a different story! He is being used as a puppet by the democrats! Theres Michelle, she’s still popular, her husband was never VP elected so I believe the Constitution does not spell that scenario out in detail; but I’m not a lawyer or an expert on the Constitution. Cruz would probably know that answer. Biden’s deteriorating health it appears is progressive so VP would take over. So what’s trump’s excuse for not being able to string too many sentences together that make sense; he talks to you people like a fourth grader spewing hate and division and you eat it up. If you’re an American, act like it and stop thinking you’re patriotic by just slamming other Americans who belong to a different party.

What is your nursing area of specially? While you are at it, I’m assuming you’ve had some basic level of medical ethics training, I’m reasonably certain there is some guidance about diagnosing someone based on simple views on TV. However, I’ll go back to you’ve met Joe Biden sometime recently? you’re obviously NOT a nurse and know nothing about assessments. I’ve worked with patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Be assured, this is not stuttering. In other words, stfu.