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Love this Connie Schultz I have never worked as hard as I did for the 5 weeks we were in lock down here. On line lessons and live meetings and you tube home made videos as well as supervision of those children who had to attend school. It is most surely for the love of it that I teach ! Schools cannot be operated safely in person when community spread is so active. The biggest variable is one that is out of the hands of schools entirely. It is up to communities to be responsible and eliminate community spread if they want in person school.
The measures in place to keep children safe are not developmentally appropriate. These children will be subject to rigid rules that deprive them of their needs to be close, social and playful. It will be dangerous for them to share toys.
Please call your local school board offices and tell them that remote instruction is far from ideal, but is our best alternative currently until we can manage the infectious spread. Thank you for sharing that story Connie!!! As a retired teacher it really hit home and made me cry. I know that in the 30 years I taught I made valuable contributions and made lasting positive impressions on some of my students. It is ALWAYS good to hear about other teachers and the impressions they left in the hearts of their students!!! AND it’s wonderful to be appreciated and valued – teachers, staff, AND STUDENTS lives cannot be put at risk by politicians and businessmen! Without airing family problems, our son and his soon to be 7 year old daughter live with us. Mom left in November. Our grand loves school and was behind in 1st grade until mom left, and I worked on getting her caught up. With her dear teacher. Then covid. Thankfully our 17 year old daughter was also home to help our grand with school work. Her teacher busted her butt for us for our grand so she didn’t get behind again. She was amazing and at the end of the year, when she went out of her way to meet me so we could pick up belongings, I gifted her a plant and a gift card and she gifted us with kind words and we all wanted to hug, but didn’t. She told me in a beautiful thank you note how special our granddaughter is.

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