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Couple weeks ago I did my first trip to Paris and loved it, but my girlfriend noticed I started to speak English with a French accent to people subconsciously. I told the waiter, “yes, I will have the sheecan.” We were in Arles, needing cash. I went up to a window at the train station to ask where I could find a Automated Teller. I drew a blank on the correct word but I dredged up “Où est la machine de l’argent” (where is the money machine) from my high school French 30 years earlier. He looked terribly confused so I pantomimed pressing buttons with my fingers saying “Beep, beep, beep, beep….l’argent”, then cupping my hands. He laughed “Ah, le A.T.M.” and pointed out the directions. Still one of my favorite travel stories.  On a long bus trip through Germany on Rick Steves “Europe in 23 Days” I was having a difficult time staying awake. After rolling my eyes open yet one more time, I commented to my fellow travelers that Ausfahrt must be a very large city as there were many exits. I was embarrassed to learn that Ausfahrt translates to “Exit” in English. I asked for an ice coffee in Rome and was dismayed to receive a shot glass of cold coffee. When I tried to explain what I meant by an iced coffee (milk, ice cream etc), the waiter appeared to understand and returned with a tiny jug of milk. I gave up after that and drank it. I went to a bar in Sevilla and ordered (in Spanish) una Manzanilla, hoping for the sherry that is from San Lucar de Barrameda, instead, I was handed a cup of hot chamomille tea. I drank it. this literally happened to my husband today in Barcelona! He was super confused until he looked it up and found out it also means camomile. He did end up getting the sherry.

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