Fitness Girl And she lifted heavily ever after poster

Fitness Girl And she lifted heavily ever after poster

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Fred Flintstone says it all. I’m well, hope you’re doing well with the quarantine business. My daughter Kelsey, had a baby girl yesterday, her third girl. We’re all excited but tired. Are you back in Fairbanks? I still live
In Wasilla. Love you, Rebecca. I haven’t been well for about a week, but things seem OK now. There were also a couple of days that I couldn’t even open FB. The interest just wasn’t there. The other things I am doing are, a book I am writing, and my art work. When the feeling to create another artwork, or continue working on my book, everything else takes second place. And even though I battle depression and anxiety every day, I wake up every morning and thank the good Lord for waking me up to face another day.

That’s me. And always giving thanks to God for everything. He’s our everything and without Him nothing would have come up to existence. Same here my friend, Donna and I have been social distancing here at the lake, our great grands just left, our batteries (hearts) are full… Hope you and Eileen are doing well… I have my wife of 29 years. The kids have grown. The grand babys have started leaving the nest. Retirement just around the corner. What more do i need? I’m blessed with , church loving friends, family and fabulous groups I belong to and every one else.

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