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Best party board games

The store may be long gone, but Blockbuster: The Game is still alive and kicking. In fact, it’s one of the best party board games we’ve ever played. Easy to learn but endlessly repeatable, this one (and the new expansion, Blockbuster Returns) is a must-have purchase.

Although it’s a quiz game, you don’t have to know much about cinema to enjoy yourself with Blockbuster; this isn’t about trivia. Instead, all you need to do is think on your feet.

After dividing into teams, the action begins with a head-to-head round where two players draw a category like ‘spy movies’. They’ll then take it in turns to yell out an example until someone can’t come up with anything else. And that’s where the real fun starts.

Whoever won draws six cards, at which point they choose three to act out, quote, or describe. The remaining three are left for the loser of the last round, and they’re almost certainly going to be the hardest ones. This allows you to be deliciously evil, and both sides will really get into it as a result. It’s a candidate for any best board games list if you ask us.

You can’t beat classics like Mafia, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf shows that there’s still plenty of gas left in this particular tank. A social deduction game that’s essentially wink murder on a much grander scale, this version deserves a place on everyone’s shelf.

Much like other versions of Werewolf, it starts with the group being given secret roles and ‘going to sleep’. However, there’s a key difference – rather than villagers being picked off one by one over multiple in-game nights, they only have a single round to decide who the monster is. Meanwhile, the werewolf – if there is one, which isn’t guaranteed – has to go undetected. Got a good poker face? You’ll need it.

New roles have also been added to stir the pot. Besides seers that are able to check one other person’s card during the night, you might become a drunk who swaps player role cards at random while they ‘sleep’. Then there’s the hunter that can take one other player down with them if they’re accused of being a werewolf, a tanner that wants to get caught, and more. They make things a whole lot more interesting, particularly if there’s a lot of you around the proverbial table.

Better still, you don’t need someone overseeing things. Instead, One Night Ultimate Werewolf comes with an app that automates the process. The same is true of spin-offs One Night Ultimate Vampire (where monsters recruit other players) and One Night Ultimate Alien, so you don’t need to worry about anyone missing out on the fun. That in itself makes this one of the best party board games.

Many of the best party board games ask you to stand out from the crowd, but Herd Mentality isn’t one of them. It’s all about blending in. Want an icebreaker or a good board game for families? You couldn’t ask for a better candidate. Gentle, light-hearted, and unassuming, this is something everyone can get involved in.

Flamingo Admit It Life Would Be Boring Without Me Hawaiian Shirt

It’s a straightforward idea that’s easy to teach, too. After drawing a card with questions covering everything from the ‘best’ sauce to the most useful app on your phone, you’ve got to scribble down what you think most players will say. If you end up in the majority, you earn a cow token. Collect eight in total and you win. As rules go, it’s spot on; you can give the elevator pitch and be playing in under a minute. That makes this a winner with folks that don’t usually play board games.




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