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Stephen C. Conley yes you’ve correctly highlighted one dodgy case – well done, you’ve peaked, I hope it felt good. Now educate yourself and read this. Then learn the saying about people in glass houses. PS – don’t bother screaming “fake news” – that’s the go-to chant of deflecting losers. yeah sure…no news is the “real deal”… you can tell me 100 times that it’s not fake…but…it most likely is…I am educated enough to know which side I stand for..what I stand for..and what is important to stand for….I’m proud of our President..proud to call him my President… well there we are …the classic “I’m educated but can’t counter what you say” blah blah. By the way, god doesn’t exist. There’s a reason trump targeted evangelicals – they’re gullible and prone to cognitive dissonance. well there we have it..another simple minded buffoon…the whole “God doesn’t exist”.. blah blah blah…I don’t counter what you say…because it’s not the truth…you spew hate and divide..who the hell wants to counter that?
I feel bad for you..I truly and deeply do..I’ll keep you in my prayers… bro police are attacking peaceful protestors, 100k dead and rising from covid, orange twat taking selfies with Bible’s amid protests, this country is going downhill fast. boomers never fail to the absolute worse. Is it maybe a money thing. Boomers will drink gas 4 a dollar. Sold out all your morals first. Then, in boomer fashion, y’all increase the price of where no one can reasonably afford it. All the while moving further and further right politically . Over greed. Net negative for humanity and the vast majority of you. Still at it selling out for money again… Trump should do an address to the nation and announce he’s bringing in the military and have the Floyed family behind him. Then allow the Floyed family speak to the nation . Hopefully speaking out against the rioting and violence , condemning it. Two wrongs do not make a right. Talking about a defuser , I can smell the aroma NOW!

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