Don’t make me get my flying monkeys face mask

Don't make me get my flying monkeys face mask 0

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I practice medicine. I am a scientist. I’m beginning to wonder if NOTHING about this virus is vetted before publication and media spread.
Because yep, those “fed up” with corona jumped all over that article and were mad their worlds had been turned upside down for minimal risk…but today, they won’t realize that a pandemic means your world gets inconveniently and tragically turned upside down because, science. People are wearing masks that are totally ineffective. They wear them over the nose but not the mouth, or vice versa; under their chins; over their chins; same masks worn ever since the beginning of May without laundering. Why is it so hard to grasp that these masks are helping no one? They are just worn by many because the media said to wear masks. People need to be independent thinkers and make decisions based on research instead of media. Stop feeding the panic! Exactly! My businesses are still closed since March 15. I can totally provide 6 ft apart, I have masks and loads of sanitizer . Yet I’m not allowed yet. Seriously considering calling my opening a peaceful protest and light some candles.  So love your posts. And I think we have all had to come to an over time awakening on coronavirus. It has a minuscule death rate for non at risk people and I was terrified at first for my kids and at risk family based on news. Fast forward to June – CDC 6/1/20 updated school guidelines this week no masks for children required and WHO this week says asymptotic spread is not really a thing. China had it last summer based on data searches. When we look back this will be known as the biggest con job by bureaucrats and global NGOs. It’s sad because so many had to die alone and for what – mobs to be allowed to gather by literal tens of thousands and I support that right. Really disappointed in government and I served as staff and elected. Once the masses started to see the facts didn’t match reality it was over. There will never be another lockdown for church and okay for mass protests, Walmart open and small corner store closed – the lost faith on elected leadership at all levels will take a generation to recover. And it’s a real virus no doubt just not the mass killer we were told. And I do know someone who had it she’s African American in her 40s and recovered with hospitalization thankfully. Your letter to the Governor is excellent! PS I have lots of friends at Big Rock this week.

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