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Wish there was a land where animals and people who cared and loved them lived…wouldn’t that be nice….no animal was abused…then again people are abused as well..any ideas where this could be.  She is so beautiful. The look on her face said I hope I am safe now. Thank you for helping her. Whoever mistreated her should be strong up like in the Old West.

  • It was beautiful I am glad you rescue horses and donkeys I wonder why too many healthy horses was send at the slaugher house.we need more rescue to save horses like you.it make me sad .people should stop produce more babies then send unwanted horses .can they stop doing it.we can’t go on like this .its make me sick thousands ,thousands horses send to slaugher house must be stop .there is some way to make no more babies is their law same as dogs and cats reduced population same as horses.
  • What a beautiful transformation, you helped this gorgeous horse get its life back, properly first time this horse has experienced real love and affection, well-done, great bond between horse and donkey, its great these animal’s have you. I was always somehow scared of them. Majestic and beautiful creatures. Used to do horseback riding when I was 11-13 and a baby foal actually bit my leg once
  • So glad God pulled her through. And Thank you for helping God by feeding her loving her and talking to her and touching her so she could feel the love you have for her.  What a beautiful name for her she is absolutely beautiful xxx I’m so glad you got her and helped her to become a beautiful healthy horse

Absolutely fantastic n totally unbelievable sweetheart, U have the best of best that has put u back to who u really are. Amen n Amen to to the beautiful incredible people tiresly in what THEY DO. Thank you for caring for this beautiful horse, Dream because she is a dream to have come back after such bad care. Thanks I am grateful for your love of Dream

She’s a beautiful horse her coat is just beautiful she shines. Thank you for taking such good care of her and giving her a new life you are a angel and so is she.

Ford Mustang face mask

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