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This is what happens when we close our eyes to child predators. They will do it over and over. It is an evil sickness. The poor boy lost his life because of this monster. The law is too loose and if this man was never released from prison he would not have had another opportunity. He should get the death sentence

  • Once again … legal system failing. He should still be locked up for his two precious cases, these people don’t learn, they only get worse. Why are judges so weak on justice when it comes to child abuse/molesters…. give this man life behind bars
  • And it will go on and on and on….how many more kids will be have sex with and kill before some one take this monster out.to hell man I not letting anyone get away with this if was my kid…..
  • This man should remember where there is action, there is also a price to pay, so don’t think you will not receive your punishment. It has your name only on it. Keep letting these mfers out! Maybe next time it will be your child. So unbelievably sad
  • Monster – Do not give this monster another opportunity to hurt another person. I’m sorry for the victim. Now, when he goes to prison, make sure he understands what it’s like to be a victim of his.

Get this of of here when are you people going to get it through your heads stop putting this on here no one wants to read this. Again, cut off his dick and let him bleed to death. I have no remorse for people that do this to a child.

Hang him up by his ears and every inmates whip him every time they pass him leave him there till his body rots even that would be to good for him. And here we go again. I do believe in life imprisonment the than death sentences. But I believe for an offence like this, the sentence should be served in solitary confinement. However, I certainly would not be sad if he was given a death sentence. But I’m concerned that he’ll somehow just be sentenced for a few years!

There should be no trial and the immediate death penalty. We don’t need to be paying for him to sit in jail and wait for a verdict. If this was the way we treated these people I bet there would be less times this would happen. I pray that God will take care of his soul. May he rot in Hell for eternity!!

Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie

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