The Met Gala is over, but there is a trend that is very “dramatic”, very frivolous and cumbersome just like the fashion gala that stays, that is, the tails of the dresses and skirts are collectively known as “trailing fabric”.

Trailing fabric is understood as a “tail” design (trailing = train + tail) with the fabric being extended at a certain part of the overall outfit. The fact that this sophisticated trend appears on the red carpets and weddings is not a surprise, but at the beginning of this 2022, thinner and more flying tails also “penetrate” into the everyday style. They can be likened to a “small piece of comedy” added to the “face” of fashion after a gloomy period due to distance.

Fashion trends of the ship's stern dress 2022

(Photo: Tyler Joe)

With the dresscode ” Gilded Glamor “, this year’s Met Gala recreates a splendid era of the United States from 1870 to 1890. Blake Lively , Katy Perry, Jessica Chastain, etc., the female stars are all wearing sparkles, massive and of course with a bit of “coloring” like the Met Gala always needs. Besides the luxurious gowns, classic corset designs , the leisurely sweeping of the trailing fabric is indispensable. If Blake Lively ushered in this trend with a very “twist” design that could “change color” by Versace , Bella Hadid was more “modest” with a graceful silk band or two attached to the glove .


The dress from Versace fashion house at Met Gala 2022

(Image: Getty Images)

Bella Hadid in Burberry Met Gala 2022

Bella Hadid in a Burberry outfit. (Image: Getty Images)

Lily Aldridge Met Gala 2022

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel – Lily Aldridge wears a design by Khaite. (Image: Getty Images)

Jessica Chastain Met Gala 2022

Best Actress Oscar 2022 – Jessica Chastain in Gucci design. (Image: Getty Images)


The design of the stern is not too new in the fashion industry, in fact, it was inherently a “fashion” in the late 19th century, appearing most often on wedding dresses , evening dresses and important occasions. At that time, the part of the skirt was sewn long by the ancients, highlighting the nobility and wealth of the ladies. As for men’s fashion, it is also often seen on royal robes or high-ranking officials, the most common today being the formal dragonfly blouse.


Fashionable 1870 wedding dress by trailing fabric design

Wedding ensemble 1870. (Photo: The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Men's uniform according to the design of trailing fabric in 1869

United Kingdom Privy Council member uniform. (Photo: Henry Poole & Co)


However, it was not Anna Wintour or any of the Met Gala host members who started the trend in the new season as “ugly Italian” – Miuccia Prada and her new partner, Raf Simons . On Prada’s Spring-Summer catwalk, mini skirts that were very compact and “conservative” now fluttered freely with a long tail behind. They float in the iridescent effect of satin fabric, flutter in the candy palette and radiate fresh energy throughout the fashion capitals .


Look 4 in Prada SS22 collection

(Photo: Prada)

Prada fashion skirt Spring Summer 2022 orange

(Photo: Prada)

Prada spring summer 2022

(Photo: Prada)




Raf Simons continues to prove his love of trailing fabric in the Fall-Winter 2022 collection. But instead of outfits, he refreshes it with accessories like bags or hats. Raf also brings a more mystical and mysterious vibe with inspiration from an old Dutch painting of a woman wearing a green coat for her husband (referring to adultery).


Photo The Blue Cloak 1559

Painting The Blue Cloak 1559. (Photo: Alamy)

Look 2 in Raf Simons Fall Winter 2022 Collection

Look 2 (Photo: Raf Simons FW22)

Look 36 from Raf Simons .'s Fall/Winter Collection

Look 36 (Photo: Raf Simons FW22)

Look 44 from the Fall-Winter Collection by designer Raf Simons

Look 44 (Photo: Raf Simons FW22)


Although it seems so far away from reality and lacks applicability, trailing fabric is still naturally present on the street and “catching the eye” of fashionistas who love novelty. In addition to Prada’s mini skirts , the designs of shirts and dresses that add or extend the tail are equally popular. They highlight the image of fashionistas in the crowd and “upgrade” the femininity in the mixes.


Prada satin mini skirt

(Photo: Edward Berthelot)

Fashion design trailing fabric shoulder part

(Photo: @chloe4dayz)


To “normalize” this design, you can use individual menswear items such as a blazer or suit to “create a fulcrum” for the flight of the sterns. To avoid causing more confusion, it is best to stay calm about the colors by using neutral tones .


blazer with fashionable stern skirt

(Image: Getty Images)

fashion clothing layers with tails

(Photo: Christian Vierig)


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