Früher war ich normal jetzt habe ich Hühner shirt, hoodie, tank top

Früher war ich normal jetzt habe ich Hühner hoodie

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I met him in the early eighties at a trade show. He had a warm handshake, friendly and took the time to talk to me, a mere mortal blue collar working stiff. This is very encouraging and the part where you said that more people have turned away from them God bless you I’m glad so glad you see the beautiful light and see the good and turn away from all the lies and deception God bless you beautiful lady.
I walked away with the impression. A nice guy for a multimillionaire, and a Democrat, a New York City Democrat at that, the worst kind. This guy could sell sand to the middle east and they would think that they were getting a bargain. He even gave some free financial advice that paid off in spades eventually. It is a waste of time and effort to envy the rich. It’s much better to study them and figure out what they are doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Maybe some of that prosperity will rub off on me. That’s exactly why us “Deplorables” voted for Trump! He is not a politician and can’t be bought by special interest groups. He don’t need their money. If you look at career politicians and what they were worth when they got elected and what they are worth now it’s sickening! And we have let them get away with it for far too long. It’s time to vote for term limits! Seeing all these hundreds and hundreds of likes and comments I feel sure that good is going to triumph over evil come November, the American people are very smart and we love our country way too much to let this Insanity continue. Julie, a few of my friends have posted your story. People that when I used to work with them weren’t really passionate one way or another about Politics. I myself have been a lifelong Republican, but I have grown tired of hearing talk, and seeing no action from them. If not for Trump, I might have walked away from the Republican Party and just said the hell with it.
Now I must admit, I did look you up out of curiosity, I have to reveal, I’m a. ……. Bear’s fan. I root for the White Sox, but I have a Sister that is a die hard Cubs fan.

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