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Fundamentally the President is a weak man. Deep down. And he compensates for that fundamental weakness by projecting strength in the most pathetic, reckless and obvious ways. Take this week for instance. Trump used tear gas not quell an unruly protest or a riot, but to make himself look tough. Orders sent and threats made by an old angry man sitting in a bunker was NOT what Trump was trying to project. This obviously back fired badly as do most of Trump’s impulsive responses to difficult situations. Time and time again, he actually manages to make everything he touches much worse. His declining mental stability and judgement are now at a critical point. Trump should resign and let Pence finish out the time until the election but Trump won’t do that. Why? Because as POTUS he can’t be charged with a crime but the day he is no longer POTUS he can be charged with the multiple crimes he has committed so far while POTUS. You know what is interesting? The governor of Texas, who is a Republican BTW, had that same attitude. And now that Texas is skyrocketing with cases, Governor Abbot said in an interview that Doctors he spoke with convinced him otherwise. Now Texas has a mask mandate in place. Our narcissistic president is now finally admitting to wearing one. So there is hope. Educators have failed this nation. We no longer teach children how to think for themselves . Instead they are thought to pass tests so school districts get more funds and teacher and unions get more money and benefits. I don’t call this caring about children’s well being. I call this caring about your pocket. Half of nations children can’t pass a simple math or history test about this nation. So what are you teaching in the schools? How bad our nation is and how wonderful socialism is. You all should ask the people in Venezuela about how well their doing or any other socialist country for that matter. You should get down on your knees and thank God you live here. In any other socialist country you would disappear or be killed.

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