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Don't make me gibbs slap you hoodie

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This brings back memories. We did that exact trip a few years ago. One of my favorite destinations. I can see the guest house we stayed at in this picture, just above the church. Unbelievable views and a lot of stairs! Rick- I discovered and bought a house in Artena, Province of Rome. It has the largest non-motarized historic center in Europe. My garbage and rec6is picked up by mules. When you can come back to Italy I think you should check it out. We rented a villa just outside of Furore on a high terrace with olive trees and a fantastic view of the ocean below. The local bus stop was close so we could go into Amalfi or Sorrento with ease. You need to buy bus tickets at local tobacco shops as the drivers don’t sell tickets. Furore is just a wide spot in the road but shopping for food in the market was always fun. It is a tiny, and I mean tiny, store but has everything you need to “live like an Italian”. They don’t take cash but an ATM is close by. My wife took a tumble on some steps and at least 10 gentlemen were there to help her. As it was up a step hill to our villa the local beverage shop owner closed for lunch early so he could give my wife and I a ride back home. We can’t wait to go back to this beautiful place and people. Italy is the first place hubby and I are going after this mess is finally over. Your daily doses have been just what the doctor ordered. Thank you! We were on a cruise and rented a car service to take us here. Fell in love with this place. So ready to travel!!! This is on my list for a re-visit.

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