Girl Six feet people coronavirus illustration face mask

Girl Six feet people coronavirus illustration face mask 0

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Well if he did nothing in his 8 yrs as you claim…it’s because everytime he tried to do something the REPUBLITARDS stopped him…..oh and Trump speaks from scripts too…Google him and see how he sounds without a teleprompter…man can’t even complete a co-herent complete sentence …and you talk about Obama?..hilarious! he must have done something trump have tried to un do everything he have done the America would have been in bad shape if he wouldn’t have bailed the auto workers out and trump have separated mother’s from their kids did u forget that Yes the puppets did there job well, as the President of the United States did his with no strings attached. President Trump isn’t perfect, only Christ was, but people around him are so upset they cant control him. Marti Brown enjoy the next couple of months while more Americans become homeless, see head toward a depression and?many more die while the Bunker King does nothing. You mean the RINOS so afraid of Trump exposing DC’s “good old boys”??? lol! Karma is exactly what Obama experienced after Bush. ALL subsequent administrations deal with it. Grow up. Edna Jordan Davis why? He is not President. But I guarantee Biden is NOT on a golf course or tweeting about extending the election while this country cycle down into a Depression and the REPUBLICAN Senate DOES NOTHING to aid Americans!

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