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Why is it then, that the “not real capitalism” we have now is still way better than whatever “not real socialism” we ever had. If anything needs to become “realer”, it’s capitalism, and it can become realer only by dealing with cronysm and reducing state power. Socialism and any of it’s related iterations throughout time will always be with us. It’s and ideology rooted in envy. Envy is an intrinsic part of human nature as a whole (even if some or most don’t experience it continuously). That’s why the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance against those human forces that would seek to use the coercive power and violence of the state against fellow human beings in misguided attempts to bring forth some form of nonsensical egalitarian utopias. socialists don’t have a learning disability. After all the teachers are mostly socialists. They have concocted an ideological rationale to channel their envy into coercive and violent political action against their fellow human beings. Their fatal conceit and hubris is ignoring human nature in pursuit of such egalitarian utopias. they are so stoopid they haven’t figured out it never has and never will work for reasons you stated. It totally ignores human nature being chief among them. The economy is doing okay. They have got some of the lowest levels of poverty in the world. Low crime rates. Some of the highest happiness levels, they have a 9-5 work life where you’re judged for working overtime or not taking time off to go to your child’s school play. Yet they still have some of the highest productivity levels. Some of the best educational systems in the world. Decent health care that almost everyone can access without bankruptcy. Free world class university.
Finland has almost eliminated homelessness. One country had sorted out recycling to the point they are importing stuff to recycle. They have strong businesses.
No where in the world is perfect, but I struggle to find a place in the world that is as good for as many people in as many areas as Scandinavia…

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