Gondor calls for aid and Rohan will answer shirt, tank top, hoodie

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This absolutely broke my heart. That poor dog must have suffered so much, but the kindness shown to him was wonderful. Wishing him a long, happy, healthy life. Bless you all for the living and tender care. What a difference! So beautiful. He knows he is loved now. God Bless Animal Aid UnlimitedThis is so heartbreaking to see these poor animals suffering so much. Thank u for these wonderful helpers at least they have a second chance. I hope they get a loving forever home . They deserve to be looked after so they can have some decent life.

  • I think the work these people do is wonderful. But I feel that if the culture of the people isnt to be caring towards animals then enforced neutering should be imposed, a preventative measure, to underpin this amazing but reactive care. As quickly as you are caring for them Animal Aid Unlimited just as many are being born into a feral life of neglect and abuse. Start a campaign to get laws changed, get backing and funding for that.
  • These people are all amazing but l keep seeing the lady with the overbite and she is superb. So patient and gentle. Makes me want to go there and help. Thank you all so much for caring about these poor animals.
  • That just tears my heart to pieces. If not for these wonderful, caring, loving people, these poor animals would die a painful death. Thank you all for your tender loving care! Thank you very much for taking that poor dog,lm ashamed to say that we humans have very short memories of what a beautifully dogs gives us,they just wanted to be loved,l bless you my dog friend,so few so sad.

Oh, just heartbreaking seeing him in that condition. So grateful for all the kind people who care for these neglected animals, and very sweet to see him feeling much better. Wow. That’s amazing. Your all absolutely beautiful amazing people with what you do for these gorgeous fur babies. If it wasn’t for you god knows what would happen to all these poor for babies. So so proud off you all. Thank you so much for helping them. God bless you

How sad and desperate is that poor dog. The trust he has in his saviours. These people are amazing for their care and compassion. I have watched many videos of their work and they work tirelessly to rehabilitate these animals. They’re amazing people!!

Gondor calls for aid and Rohan will answer shirt, tank top, hoodie


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