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Welcome, Anne. You’re right. This is not a red/blue, right/left, or even just Democrat/Republican issue. It is a HUMAN issue; an American issue. Although I’m a registered Republican, they also anger me because many are part of the establishment, and many are too weak to fight back, although Trump has shown them how.
You might want to research Pluto in Capricorn to find out what’s going on. Last time Pluto was in this sign, we had the American and French revolutions. It started in 2008, when Obama took office, and will end in 2024, when, hopefully, Trump finishes his second term.
This is a wonderful group of people from many diverse backgrounds and stories. But the things we have in common are love of country, love of our freedom, love of law and order, and love of our founding documents, such as the Constitution. Those are the cement that keep each of our bricks together. We will build America, again, stronger, after all this chaos. Glad you found us. Thank you for sharing your story! I was an Obama fan and voted for him, enthusiastically, twice. Once I learned the truth about him in March, I felt like my world crashed. When you’ve been lied to, you start to wonder if there’s something wrong with your ability to judge someone’s character. It was crushing to me. I also refuse to be called a racist simply because I refuse “white privilege”. I was married to a black man, dated a black man after, and have deeply loved many black men as well as have friends of many races. I have hit rock bottom multiple times, have never been in government assistance, and have taken personal responsibility to completely change my experience of life through my thoughts and feelings. I was horrified at the amount of shame I saw from the left that ultimately you should be ashamed of yourself for being white—and this is what we’re teaching our children? I spent 4 years healing my inner child wounds and I felt such sadness knowing children will years later have to heal these wounds. Why on earth would we do that to them?! So grateful for this community and for the open dialogue.

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