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Rodgers will probably have a great season because of the new offense. Huge pounding RB and blocking TE. The defense plays the run and Rodgers shreds them. Remember SF. We’ll be running the same offense. ( if we have a season) if the run game pulls enough threat, we do have the same offense, except we have a superior qb. Jimmy G is solid, but he doesn’t have the accuracy, or best decision making. He makes easy/efficient Brady-esque type slant throws which is why I think Rodgers will thrive in his later years. Then when the D tries to jump the short throw they turn it up field and go long. I think we should be fine without that one special WR. SF wears out opposing defenses. We can do the same Welcome to green bay where all they do is sign below average receivers and then the packers fans get on here and for some reason and act like there the best wr we have ever had Welcome to Green Bay, home of the most entitled and short-sighted fans in the NFL, where no one understands the salary cap and everyone is hung up on the past. The bandwagon fans are hilarious. The new fans all full comments without any idea what it takes to be as good as the Packers have been.welcome to Packers fanhood! Glad to have ya. Might wanna go google where this team’s receiving corps has finished over the last decade before you start pretending to know what you’re talking about we also had 9, one possession games in 2019 that we happened to win. Yes, the Packers were 13-3, but it’s not like they were a dominant 13-3 team because they weren’t. On top of that, so many other teams in the NFC got better, added more weapons, all while the Packers did very little to again surround Rodgers with talent. The Packers should still be a solid team, but I have serious doubts as to whether we will be a double digit winning team.

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