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Exactly ! I see posts of horrific things these monsters do to innocent , helpless furbabies , and it tears my heart up ! Then you have these idiots all up the air over a couple knitted hats !! Unhappy , troublemakers who have nothing else better to do with thier time instead of addressing real issues going on in our world today ! Wiener alert! I rescue and rehabilitate miniature Docksin’s. I’ve done nine of them. My son and I just love the breed. By the time they get to me they’re usually horribly abused because people don’t do their research and the breed Has very specific needs. I rehabilitate them doing Caesars way. He’s the best and all of my rehabilitation so I’ve been successful. I ask anybody who is going to take this breed to do their research before they do so they know what they’re in for Picture very cute but wouldn’t it be nice to slow down on breeding and empty all our shelters especially the Bully Breeds I’m not anti Pit Bull or any other breed the shelters are full of smart beautiful animals just looking for a forever loving home.  such a hurtful soul. Who hurt so bad? You need massive help on that rick ice heart..not to mention your neurons. Why you think people cruel.like you test on animals? Because they are like us, otherwise the results would be useless. So sorry for your misery. We have plenty homeless dogs in this world, shame on those puppy mill people who keep adding to the problem for $$$ or social recognition. I agree with you karlyn. This Karlyn Hendersonyn is why spaying and neutering is so important. Left to nature mama can reproduce twice a year..that would be how many puppies? And finding appropriate homes for each one would be how difficult? Then there is the humane society aspect which works tirelessly to find food ,medical attention and to rehome each animal that is either dropped off or rescued.
Yes animals have souls and emotions but they may not be the same as ours so instead of being sad..promote spay/neuter programs so this doesn’t continue to happen.

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