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Good for you young man on helping that young girl , to that teacher obviously you don’t know what it feels like to have an asthma attack and not being able to breathe . I’m very proud of that young man for stepping up and helping someone in need of it and for his Mom to not sending him back to that school . That’s crazy that he was suspended for taking action and helping someone that couldn’t breathe he needs to be honored not suspended .!! I suffer from asthma and when I have a bad one I can’t breathe , talk or anything and it’s a scary feeling when you can’t get any air into your lungs . After I have one it takes a lot out of me because you struggle so hard to get air . I praise him for his kindness and understanding when it comes to life and death and that teacher and school system can sleep at night knowing that a Fifteen year old did what the should have done right away if she had died what would they have explained to her parents probably give them some lame excuse about the rules remember everyone Rules Are Made To Be Broken When It Comes to Life Or Death and the school system should be ashamed of themselves instead of praising him you condemned him So Wrong So sorry Anthony that the ‘adults’ in charge at the. School do not understand what an emergency is…maybe they need to go back to school…thank you for your courageous actions helping your classmate…im an asthmatic and know what its like to gasp for air…dont care what the school or teacher says…you sir are a HERO…and never lose your sense of the right thing to do…the teacher and school officials should be suspended permanently.

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