Hamilton – King George da da da face mask

Hamilton - King George da da da face mask

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I don’t like to share things like this but if it keeps one person from doing sonething like this then I’ll share it. Sorry to those who find it offensive. If this is true then we should be very cautious of salads and greens, specially those that say prewashed ready to use. I never take their word, I always was them several times. The slug in question was carrying rat lungworm, which can make us sick but not usually to his extent. The boy developed a brain infection which led to paralysis.
So it wasn’t from the slug itself, and even the parasite doesn’t usually cause such drastic damage in humans! It’s a very unfortunate circumstance . I have seen people on the show Naked and Afraid ingest all kinds of insects and weird stuff. I am surprised this happened to this kid. Bad luck. Omg this is horrific ,my son when he was a toddler was about too eat a slug but I managed too see him and stop him ,I had no idea how dangerous they are ,so sorry for what has happened too you Not sure it true or not, but really people need to be so dang nasty and negative. Tell me you never did any dares and crazy thing when you were young! Just lucky you negative mean people this sad thing didn’t happen to you. Prayer to the young fella & his family. I’m sorry this happened to him truly I am, but EVERYBODY has got to stop with this daring thing, unless you’re just wanting something bad to happen to you!!! This comment is meant for EVERYONE not this specific incident!!!! I’m so sick of seeing so many hurt over these things.

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