And she lived happily ever after Dog poster

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I wasn’t sure what the new book was specifically. If this post is anything like it, and I imagine it is, I can’t wait to pick up a copy from my local. Sitting here sipping an espresso and enjoying a piece of dark chocolate, this has taken me on a short voyage. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your care. Take care.

  • I loved Amsterdam. Allow several days for the museums (which are wonderful!). We stayed close to Central Station and either walked or took the tram around. I had been told that the food wasn’t good, but we enjoyed it very much. We visited the coffee shops and found them very friendly and helpful. I think when traveling, the key is to leave behind the idea that Americans are the greatest and our way of doing things is best
  • I couldn’t agree with you more – traveling opens our eyes, ears, minds, taste buds, and hearts to so many possibilities outside of what we’ve always known. Love Amsterdam ,such a beautiful city. Was fascinated by the thousands of bicycles by the main train station,most people use bicycles to get around there. Loved walking by the Canals and just people watching.
  • Over the last 40 plus years of traveling in Europe, I have have kept a journal of the trips, all 30 plus of them. I have had great fun rereading one of these every few days during the last 5 months. I get a little bit of Europe each time I pull out a journal.

The Anne Frank house was extremely powerful & moving to me when I visited in 1985. The surrounding area still had the look & feel of the 1940’s. I was just watching on tv the name of countries open to US citizens with restrictions. Iceland is open, but visitors from US have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. How can that be accomplished as a visitor? I miss travelling so much!

Rick I’m blown away by the “journey” you’ve been on in a larger context—from early straightforward travel show (and books) to looking at deeper cultural aspects of societies. The episode with the Stasti prison gave me so much food for thought and I really think your shows embrace your higher calling now. This post being a great example. Thank you for the virtual travel. As an urban sketcher having wings clipped is tough, but you’ve made this much easier!

And she lived happily ever after Dog poster

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