You think I care about who doesn’t like me Hell My own family doesn’t like me shirt, hoodie

You think I care about who doesn't like me Hell My own family doesn't like me Hoodie

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Gary LaPonsie he votes absentee. Big difference. Go ahead and vote absentee. Safe way to vote. Mail in voting is not good, been doing it for years and a big mess. Finding ballots in ditches covered by leaves and never delivered by mail to be counted. Hate it! Beckye Rose Williams if I have to crawl, I will though in person, no mail in vote for me that’s what they’re counting on, thing is,Pelosi and her gang think we’re all stupid…None of them will mention nor denounce all the carnage,rioting and evil that’s going on, everything that’s going on is the most humongous conspiracy ever in the USA, complements of the left. Beckye Rose Williams speak for yourself.. with holding emergency money that goes directly to Americans because you wanna change the mail voting is using Americans as bargaining chips.. are you serious?? What was that executive order all about? For show that’s what it was for Beckye Rose Williams I’ve voted by mail for the past 38 years but can see the need for in person voting. But please dont keep our stimulus checks. Some of us really need the help no they are not the same. Mail in ballots are generally absentee ballots. The mail ballots that are being debated are those sent out by the government, which can be signed by anyone. Absentee are signed by the voters. I have had to do an absentee ballots, I had to request it with proof of voter registration. Just do a little research, I’m sure you’ll find the correct answer.

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