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in case you have a hello Kitty fan to your family, your probability to make them very satisfied is coming.

The hello Kitty Cafe Truck is making three Bay enviornment stops this 12 months. The ultimate one is this Saturday in Pleasanton.

Hello Kitty Hawaiian Shirt

according to organizers, “enthusiasts of hi there Kitty can look forward to new unique chocolates and restricted-version collectibles, including: a brand new whats up Kitty Cafe purple heart T-Shirt; a brand new hiya Kitty Cafe Rainbow Thermos; a hey Kitty Cafe Cookie Plush; hand-adorned cookie sets; Enamel Pin sets and Madeleine Cookie units. Other most effective-selling items include; Bow-formed Water Bottles and massive good day Kitty Cafe Chef Cookies.”

you’re asked to proceed to observe pandemic safeguard protocols when journeying the truck together with donning a face mask and preserving 6 ft between your group and others.



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