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“NYSCC has always been opposed to mandatory blaze orange laws, and opposition does extend to mandating via regulatory action as well,” Davenport said. “I am pretty sure this (action) is a response to concerns about the expanded hunting hours where lower light periods can make target identification difficult.

“However, the fact remains that it is the hunter’s responsibility to know the target and what is beyond, not just look for a color and, if not visible, it is safe to shoot. The Hunter Related Shooting Incidents we have had over the past several seasons show that blaze orange or pink being worn would have made little difference.”

  • Extend the legal hunting time for big game to 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset, consistent with legal hunting hours in most other states.

Davenport said his organization fully supports the expansion of hunting hours, as “this will increase harvest as those times are the prime deer movement moments,” says Davenport. “We do acknowledge the safety concerns the hunter’s educators hold on this move.”

Lockport’s Dale Dunkelberger, the Region 9 delegate to the Conservation Fund Advisory Board and a Master Hunter Safety Instructor, said the requirement for blaze orange or pink was a good thing. However, he was opposed to changes in the shooting times.

Santiago Rave had reached an emotional crossroads.

His marriage ended after several years, leaving the father of two young daughters to contemplate how to transition into the next phase of his life.

Hunting Deer Hawaiian Shirt

The experience encouraged him to pursue new ways to redirect his energies, so he headed outdoors.

Growing up in Ellsworth, lots of Rave’s friends spent time hunting, many with their parents.

“It was always on my bucket list,” he said, bursting into quiet laughter during a turkey hunting outing in May. His words were garbled by the inadvertent squawks made by the diaphragm call still in his mouth.

In 2018, Rave was adjusting to being single again. Hunting provided a new diversion. It quickly became a passion.



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