Damn right I am a Steelers fan now and forever shirt, hoodie, tank top

Damn right I am a Steelers fan now and forever hoodie

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My daughter is a sophomore at UNCG, living in a dorm. She had the option to do all online classes but was so ready to get back to the life she was just beginning to build when she had to come home in March. I decided not to stand in her way. I pray her school learns from the mistakes made in Chapel Hill. yeah they aren’t clear on the number of cases, so if they call it one cluster bc it’s all in gateway that really doesn’t tell us much. It’s supposed to be 5 cases near each other, right? Or is it ‘at least 5’? Hard to tell. Either way, it’s very hard to be surprised. Resident living is close confinement. It’s pretty much unavoidable.
And whether these kids are there or at home, judging by all my teenaged/college aged family members Instagram and Facebook accts, living at home doesn’t change their level of caution. I’ve never seen kids stand so close to each other in pictures in my life. Usually literally holding each other, faces smashed together to fit 12 into a selfie. Ultimately kids that age will be close to people whether in dorms or not, so im not ready to crucify colleges for reopening. Kids/young adults that age know better and make choices knowing the consequences. Thanks. What’s strange about the title is that it has “Clusters” but in the body it says cluster. Cluster is 5 or more cases. Gateway is huge so it could be little groups of clusters or the cluster is being grouped into 1 so that the number of actual positives doesn’t seem so scary. my daughter was sick 3 separate times last year. Every single time, we attempted to get into the Student Health Center for an appt (both online and trying to go as a walk in) to no avail. I had to drive to Raleigh and take her to an urgent care for treatment ALL three times. They easily get overwhelmed with normal flu, strep, etc so I’m not optimistic if they get huge waves of sick kids from Covid.

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