I don’t get older I level up shirt, hoodie, tank top

I don't get older I level up hoodie

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POTUS for helping to get control for the hard working taxpayers. The thugs that are destroying private and state property needs to be put somewhere that would teach them bad actions have severe reactions! Put them in a facility that they will be made to work for their keep and pay a portion for restitution. Sadly we are not just in a physical battle but a spiritual one too. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled today rapidly. Prayers for our nation and the world to recognize a need for Jesus. There are Oregonians who support and believe in what you are doing! I’m one of them! Please keep up what you are doing. Our Oregon leadership is heading us towards destruction! Our President is trying to protect all the innocent Americans that are being ‘held captive’ by FEAR of their very hometown being occupied by anarchists. National emergency. Joe something had to be done. They were looting and burning buildings and tearing down statues. It was time they were going to take over the city like they did at the chop zone. We cant let that happen again anywhere. Rioters screaming about their rights and how terrifying the military is! Dang!! Rioters have been stomping on the rights and terrifying civilians long enough. Time to clean up and make these cities safe again. Whenever anyone TRIES to help save for a better life in Oregon, people who are in control NOW will say “GAVEL DOWN” or bodily force you out of their public meetings. Where is the freedom in that? The mayor and governor took office and neglected working for ALL THE PEOPLE or LISTENING TO ALL THE PEOPLE. It’s been awful for the last few years!!!!! From now on voting for ONLY REPUBLICANS OR CONSERVATIVES! I’m certain if the feds snatched them up they have hard evidence and are already prepared to prosecute, and if they’re breaking federal laws they don’t deserve a warning . You play with our Republic you playing with your life !

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